Because the time has come to solve social problems in the direction of the Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone has to choose to be part of the problem or of the solution.  Environment is our main concern to act at this moment to create momentum against climate change.

The vehicle is an enterprise?

Not exclusively. Individuals also have an important role to play. Most of the social businesses get started by engaged citizens who want to make a contribution solving a social problem.

What can I do as a citizen?

Choose one of the Development Goals that resonates within you and start acting: You can join the non profits, Charities and NGO’s if you like, but we encourage you to do something different: a non economic activity can be the beginning like starting a campaign or helping someone in need; moreover, it’s new and it’s your project!

What if I have a social business idea?

If you have an idea for a profit or a not-for-profit there are plenty of organizations to help with your business plan. There are legal differences and requirements to be met and different tax consequences regarding your legal structure. For example,  charities can receive donations which have tax deductions for the donors.

Keep always in mind the social issue and the beneficiaries of it. Your project has to be financially sustainable but the social goal is the key.


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