3MINMAX is a campaign of Social Business Montréal to raise awareness among the citizens in our city  with the goal of turning off idling cars. We recommend turning off the engine of vehicles while stationary to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Did you know that a car idling releases one pound of carbon dioxide every 10 minutes? And the bigger the car (SUV’s, pick-ups), the larger the emissions (multiplying that by two or three times)

Since February 2016 we have informed so far 1 500 drivers. More than 750, half of them, turned off the engine of their cars. Now we need your financial support to continue our activities raising awareness about this issue.

So we show that a real social impact is achieved!

1.25$= 1 driver informed!

3.75$= 1 engine of an idling car turned off!

We want to build a trustworthy relationship with you and can guarantee that your contribution will go 100% for our campaign 3MINMAX! to raise awareness about climate change. You can even come with us one Friday to realize the impact of your money in action!

Just in Rivière-des-Prairies there are 42,440 households. With an average of 1.5 vehicles each, this means 63,630 vehicles. If only half of them followed the by-law of 3 minutes maximum the engine idling during the coldest months, we estimate that there would be 13,744,032 pounds less of carbon dioxide in our air!




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